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Baumann Aquatics is a full service residential in-ground pool plumbing company. We are experts in:

  • Installation of Complete In-ground Swimming Pool Plumbing Systems

Baumann Aquatics can perform any custom installation of residential pool plumbing.   First, we will provide all necessary trenching (average depth 18”).  We then will install all pool and spa fixtures (skimmers, wall and floor suction drains, return outlet fixtures, etc.) and plumbing pipes to the pool filtration equipment area.  We are experts at the installation of all pool filtration systems (pumps, filters, heaters and water sanitation devices).  Once the filter system has been constructed and the plumbing job is complete, we perform an air or water pressure test to confirm that all plumbing has been properly sealed.

  • Swimming Pool Plumbing Renovations

If you are replastering your swimming pool or replacing your old pool deck, now is the time to consider renovating all of the existing plumbing.  We can replace undersized plumbing, remove flex pipe, and replace poorly performing pool and spa components such as spa air injectors and skimmers. 

If your pool is equipped with any single drain suction lines (to the filter pump or booster pumps), this is also the time to consider adding a second drain for every line.  Done properly, you can bring your pool plumbing up to current industry standards while renovating your plaster or deck.

  • Plumbing Pressure Tests

Concerned that the plumbing of your backyard pool is leaking?  Losing large amounts of water every time you turn on the filter system?  Have us perform a full or partial system pressure test.  We use either air or water depending on the site conditions and season.  The pressure test will determine if any water loss problems involve the plumbing and, if so, which lines.

  • Filter Equipment Repairs and Renovations

Does your filter system have components in need or repair or replacement?  We have built thousands of filter system setups and can repair any settled or cracked filter plumbing.  In addition, we can replace worn out equipment with newer and more efficient components.  The upgrade in efficiency alone can offset a large portion of the cost of the renovation.

  • Removal of Flex Pipe and Replacement with Schedule 40 PVC Pipe

Some pool construction companies built their plumbing using flex pipe as the primary water supply and return piping.  While flex pipe is fine in certain applications, it can become a real problem when used indiscriminately.  Flex pipe is prone to damage by insect infestation, earth (rock) settlement and high concentrations of chemicals.  We can replace flex pipe with Schedule 40 (rigid) pressure PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe.  We use only Schedule 40 PVC in all our plumbing repairs and renovations.

  • Leak Detection and Plumbing Repairs

Once a pressure test has determined which line (or lines) is not holding pressure, we will locate the position of the defective plumbing using geophones.  We have been using geophones to detect underground leaks for over 20 years. Once the location of the plumbing problem has been determined, a detailed plan to uncover and repair the defective line or lines will be made.  Generally speaking, the easy part is fixing the leak, finding and exposing the break is the difficult task.  We are experts at doing it all.

We do not flood the plumbing system and look for water, as some companies do.  That method is simply guesswork. Baumann Aquatics uses pressure tests and geophones to methodically locate the source and location of any plumbing leak.    

  • Skimmer Line Repairs and Skimmer Replacements

For decades, the standard construction installation technique for skimmers involved cementing a short piece of 1½” or 2” flexible tubing (or flex pipe) directly at the base of the skimmer.  This facilitated the setting of the skimmer when the pool was originally built.  Unfortunately for pool owners who choose to chlorinate their pool by dissolving chlorine tablets or sticks in the skimmer, this flex pipe has a tendency to deteriorate in the presence of high concentrations of chlorine.  We have seen severe cases of flex degradation that have caused the skimmer line to become either partially or completely blocked. Flex pipe that has experienced severe deterioration due to chemical exposure or other factors should be removed to allow the skimmer to function properly. 

Most companies that take out damaged flex pipe just assume that the skimmer must come out also – resulting in major deck repairs.  We do everything possible to preserve the existing skimmer, minimize damage to the deck and landscaping and reduce the cost of the replacement to the pool owner

  • Swimming Pool Plumbing Inspections

We perform inspections of residential in-ground pools on an hourly basis.  In addition, while our specialty is in plumbing, we will also examine the tile, coping, deck and electric.  We have working relationships with tile and coping masons, electricians, gas fitters, decking contractors and established pool builders, and will be happy to provide referrals in any of these areas should the need arise.

  • Our Guarantee

We treat all pool sites as if they were our own.  Our goal is to perform any work as efficiently, cleanly and with the least amount of disruption to your backyard as possible.  Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal!