Baumann Aquatics Logo

Baumann Aquatics is a family owned and operated company.

Robert Baumann began work in the industry as a lifeguard and commercial pool manager during his high school and college years.  He then worked as a pool service technician, plumber’s helper and plumber before starting Baumann Aquatics Inc. in 1981.  Since then, Mr. Baumann has been involved in thousands of plumbing projects for both residential pool owners and residential pool builders.  Mr. Baumann personally oversees and supervises all projects.  Over the years, he has become an expert in the use of geophones to locate underground plumbing leaks and diagnose plumbing problems through pressure tests.  He has installed virtually every residential swimming pool plumbing system and is a specialist in the installation of detailed and advanced indoor filter systems.

Patricia Baumann handles all administrative operations.  She has been the full time office manager for the company since 1982 and is responsible for all billing, invoicing and contracts. Mrs. Baumann acts as an additional point of contact for all projects.

Baumann Aquatics has been providing swimming pool plumbing installations, plumbing repairs and renovations to residential pool builders and pool owners in the metro DC region since 1981.  Baumann Aquatics has performed every imaginable plumbing installation in the in-ground gunite and shotcrete residential swimming pool industry.  From the installation and renovation of the most basic pool filter system to multi-level pool, spa and water feature plumbing systems (including advanced in-floor recirculation and cleaning systems), Baumann Aquatics has done it all!

Baumann Aquatics is insured and licensed to work in Virginia (Class “B” Contractors License), the District of Columbia and Maryland (Maryland Home Improvement License). 

Baumann Aquatics does not use subcontractors.  All of our services are provided directly by Mr. Baumann and his employees.  Our first and only goal is the complete satisfaction of all of our customers.  The longevity of Baumann Aquatics is the testament to that commitment.